How does this work?

1. Clean out your closet

2. Complete the form

 3. We'll review and send you shipping instructions

(shipping cost is incurred by the seller)



Sit back and let us do the work - we'll send you the check!

Once we receive your items, we will quality check them in accordance to our BTC Guarantee. If the item passes the check, we'll list it on our site for sale. After the item sells, we'll send you your check for your portion.

Your portion is dictated as follows:

 Price Tag Your Portion
$20.00 - 49.99 20%
$50.00 - 99.99 60%
$100.00 - 149.99 70%
$150.00 - 199.99 73%
> $200.00 75%




Check out our FAQ to learn more about the process, if you have more questions.